My language is vibrant color and line.

Homage to...

Homage to... is an installation project that examines the sources of artistic inspiration. I conceived and executed it on the occasion of Kunst in Sendling 2006 (October 19 - 22, 2006, Munich, Germany, The installation's dimension varies in context, at Kunst in Sendling it ws approximately 40 square meters.


Usually artists present "finished" works to their audience, sometimes with no traces at all of the preceding creative process. The art work thus appears to be detached, disconnected from the web of thoughts and feelings, the very matrix that brought it into existence. Homage to... is a joint installation project of various artists that are allowing insights into an artist's creative process and thus makes the thought processes behind artwork tangible.


Participation was open all artists of Kunst in Sendling, but I also invited some my close artist friends and colleagues. After intensive correspondence and several project meetings the following participants emerged (with the person rendered homage to in parenthesis):

Andreas P. Schulz (Otto Dreßler)
Barbara Keil (Maria Weiß)
Elena Ilina (Friedrich Hölderlin)
Hermann Posch (Emanuel Swedenborg)
James Blackforest (Robert Lax)
Karin Ulrike Soika (Shirley Horn)
Kurt Huber (Ovid)
Sophie Rank (José de Ribera und die Epoche der Romanik)
Wolfgang End (Van Gogh)
Wolfgang Z. Keller (Joseph Beuys)

Please find photos of the installation project as well as all artist statements here.

Interacting with Visitors

We invited all visitors to the installation Hommage to... also to reflect upon the sources of their inspiration and to communicate them to us. Many of them cooperated and you can find visitors' statements here.


In the project's context several texts were published: "Homage to..." by myself and "Homage" by Stefan Schmid, Munich.

My language is vibrant color and line. by Karin Ulrike Soika
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