My language is vibrant color and line.

Buy or rent art?

Art is being made for people - or, so the myth, art is the artist's gift to humanity. But how does art reach its contemplator? The artists' classical business model is selling art. But not everyone who loves art has also the means to fulfill his or her wishes.

Art is being made for people: art rental as an alternative model

I am always pleased to make my work available to people for a longer period and in a more intimate context than a public exhibit. Therefore, for several years now I am experimenting with art rental as an alternative to art sales.

The results are quite positive: the financial burden is negligible, the risks of a bad buy or habituation are dispelled.

Art rental - FAQs

A few years ago I have published many of my experience with art rental (1) in my often pirated (2) portal (3). It also contains my observations regarding the internal and external impact of art, frequently asked questions and a list of artists who rent their works (4).

Cost, selection, availability

Cost Generally speaking rental costs depend on size and value of each object, as well as general conditions (rental period, accessibility). In my experience, to furnish 100 sqm lavishly with art costs approximately 100 Euro a month (plus VAT) for businesses. For individuals half this price applies, and I give special conditions to non-profit projects (please inquire).

Selection I hope that the page Painting makes easier for you to select the paintings that suite your taste. For large rooms you will probably require large formats. You can find those by selecting large format or any specific dimension.

Availability Not all images shown here are available. I am happy to check for you whether your favorite painting is available.


If you wish to receive an individual offer, if you have a specific request or work with a firm budget: we surely will find a solution that fits your needs. Just contact me at +49-(0) 89-52 03 87 90 or .

Last but not least, the comment of a private client:

I finally hung your painting and is just a dream! I can not put into words how overwhelmed I am! This morning I did not want to leave for work and would have preferred to stay in front of your art work for a long, long time!
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